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Nelson Adriatico, Community Activist and candidate for Houston City Council Seat J joins all citizens of Houston in offering prayers for the complete and speedy recovery of the five brave officers of the Houston Police Department injured while keeping Houston safe during a raid on the home of drug dealers.

“It takes a special type of public servant to run into danger, something that first responders in Houston do every day” said Nelson Adriatico.

“The men and women of the Houston Police Department are truly Houston’s finest, and they have an excellent leader in Chief Art Acevedo”

“Hard drugs such as heroin and meth are community destroyers, I have seen firsthand the destruction that they cause among my neighbors in District J, and I applaud the Houston Police Department aggressively pursuing methamphetamine, cocaine and heroin drug dealers.”

“Education and employment opportunities are antidotes to drug usage in the community, combined with targeting dealers of dangerous drugs”

“The heroic daily actions of first responders in Houston make me proud to be a Houstonian, and may God bless the men and women in uniform in service to our great city, state, and nation”


For Immediate Release

Nelvin Adriatico, Candidate for Houston City Council District J is proud to announce the endorsement of his candidacy for Houston City Council District J by Sri Preston Kulkarni, former Diplomat with the United States Foreign Service, community leader, and American Patriot.

Mr. Kulkarni, a 39 year resident of Houston who grew up in the Sharpstown area of District J, had this to say about community activist Nelvin Adriatico;

“Nelvin Adriatico is an American success story, and is uniquely qualified to continue his decades of community service on the Houston City Council in the capacity of City Councilmember representing District J.”

“As a former Diplomat posted overseas, I recognize leadership when I see it, and Nelvin Adriatico is a proven community leader who has my total support.”

“District J is an extremely diverse community of 180,000 people speaking 85 different languages, and Nelvin has worked tirelessly improve the lives of citizens in my former neighborhood”  added Sri Kulkarni.

Nelvin Adriatico had this to say about Kulkarni’s endorsement;  “I am humbled and honored to receive the endorsement of a community leader and an American patriot such as Sri Preston Kulkarni who has dedicated his life in service of America.”

As I talk to my friends and neighbors in the Super Neighborhoods of Braeburn, Gulfton, Mid West, Sharpstown and Westwood, I clearly understand the need for increased public safety, job development and improving our schools as the top concerns of District J, and they are my top concerns as well

“I look forward to continuing my grassroots campaign to earn the support of my neighbors in District J”


For Immediate Release

Nelvin Adriatico’s statement on the federal government’s move to make Vietnamese immigrants, who arrived prior to 1995, eligible for deportation. Mr. Adriatico is a candidate for City Council District J

“I stand with many in the Asian community, especially the Vietnamese community, regarding the potential deportation of thousands of Vietnamese refugees who arrived in this country prior to 1995.

“Many of these people fled Communism, and in the case of the Montagnard, their persecution due to their Christian faith and ethnicity. I ask you, does this policy befit a nation that often professes to be Christian? My own enduring faith as a Christian informs my belief that this is morally wrong, and deliberately cruel.

“Houston has a large Vietnamese community – they are our friends, neighbors and colleagues. They have lived in this country for so many years, and contributed so much in all aspects that made this country great. When did we become so uncaring to human lives? Have we become so self-centered and isolated to the world that we only care for ourselves, with no regard to social justice and wellbeing of others?

“We as Americans, no matter our origin, should UNITE and STAND together to fight against social injustice. We have a responsibility to protect everyone from inhumane treatment. If we don’t stop this and raise our VOICES, who will be next? Chinese? Filipinos? Koreans? Indians?”





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