Mr. Nelvin Joseph Adriatico is a native of Olongapo City, Philippines and has lived around Houston Texas since 1999. He has worked in the Financial Industry for more than 15 years. He was responsible for conducting portfolio management initiatives; Identifying problem accounts through the annual review; collections & delinquency management procedures in accordance to global credit policy and procedure; and business development. His bi-cultural background and focus on community collaboration and engagement has led him to a number of volunteer opportunities and leadership roles including: Chairman – La Rosa Multicultural Family Services; Chairman – Filipino American Caucus for Empowerment (FACE); Board Member of HISD Asian Advisory Council; Board Member of 80-20 Asian American -PAC; Co-Chairman of Houston’s Mayor Advisory of the New Americans; President – Asian Pacific American Heritage Association (APAHA); President – Houston Royal Oaks Lions Club Foundation (HROLCF); President Elect – Asian Pacific Islander American Public Affairs (APAPA); Vice President Elect – Asian American Real Estate Association (AREAA); Board Chairman of The; Alliance Multicultural Community Services and Past Chairman of Philippine American Chamber of Commerce-Texas to name a few.

An entrepreneur by heart, he Founded InvestCORE Company dba CORE Realty; a brokerage firm that specializes in Commercial & Residential Real Estate, Management, Investment & Financing Services. He has an In-depth knowledge and considerable amount of experience in the banking and lending arena with a good understanding of the real estate market; credit and lending policies and regulations; Strong managerial, planning, analytical, organizational, and decision-making skills. Nelvin Adriatico is currently a regular TV host and the Executive Producer of the First Asian American Host and Produced talk show in an American Channel called #ChitchatHouston which airs every Sunday, 11AM at #Kube57. He married his business partner, Avinash S. Thadhani on March 2015 and both live with their son AJ and dog (Bella).     AJ is currently a Sophomore at University of Houston majoring in Political Science.

He strongly believes, for us to have a voice and to be recognized as an integral part of the society, we need to have a seat at the table. We can “RISE” up so we can once again stand tall and make our community proud. It’s time for us to make an EPIC comeback to motivate and encourage our community to get Engaged, Participate, Involve, and Collaborate (EPIC), to help redevelop and reshape the social, political and economic landscape of our community and our country”, he added.

“Our individuality is the ”CORE” of our strength, for without them we have no purpose. Our Heritage and our Culture made us unique. It is who we became to be, our “TRADEMARK”. We may have different opinions and beliefs but our differences allowed us to see the beauty in each of us. In the end we all share the same vision. We embrace and celebrate life, diversity and promote a better community and place for our children’s future to live without fear and Discrimination, Adriatico also added.

Who Am I and Why I Am Running?

I am just a person who DREAMED… someone who thinks that everything is possible and does not have a predetermined notion of what we can or cannot do. I firmly believe that our lives are connected because we all need each other to survive wheather we agree or not. “No man is an Island.”

So when you asked someone, Who are You?

Are you really asking…. where I’m from? Or what one day I might become?… what I do? Or what I have done? what I Aspire? Or what I want to be?

Or do you mean… what you see? Or what I’ve seen? Or what you think of me? Or do you mean… Who I love? Or what I’ve lost… or what I fear?

So…Who Am I ?

The answer is, I am just exactly the same as the person asking. The same person living day by day hoping to survive one more day so we can enjoy the next…not better or not less of a person…

I am someone who sets priority to provide for my Family. Someone who work-hard day-in and day-out to grow my business so I can create more jobs and boost our local economy. To inspire people towards homeownership and business ownership so we can give back and help our community by doing public service, community engagement and advocacy.

I strongly believe that Public Service is about helping people without judgement. It does not matter where they come from, if their gay or straight, their economic status or who they represent. It does not have label because when you do, you create FEAR and CHAOS what you do not understand!

So who am I?

I am the person, that you will either love or hate . accept or reject… support or ignore . Someone you can cry or laugh with. Someone that will listen or have a conversation with. But I am who I am because of my ideals and beliefs. I am who I am because of my motivation and my inspiration. I am who I am because of my experienced thru my victories and failures. I am unscripted, bold and unconventional.

I am running because it is time that our community pay homage to our roots and take our rightful place as a leader in where to live, educate, work and play. So my fight is our fight. My run is our run. My win is our victory because I am one of you.

Our STRENGTH is still our PEOPLE and DIVERSITY at our CORE. With over 60 dialects spoken within the immediate surrounding , our vibrant district is a growing force for business in Houston which is evident with all the businesses currently present in our community. So let us show our neighboring communities that District J is the place to be.

We may come from different backgrounds, Heritage and Culture but our differences allow us to see the beauty in each of us. In the end, we all share the same vision, to Embrace and celebrate LIFE and diversity to promote a better community for our children’s future so they can LIVE without FEAR and Discrimination.

So please let’s “RISE” Together. Show them that District J is where “We belong” and WE, the People in this community “AIM HIGH” and ready to make each day COUNT!

My name is Nelvin Joseph Adriatico, confidently and asking for your Vote and financial Support because I want to represent you and the community as your next City Council for District J.





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